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domenica 14 aprile 2024

France, let's at least cut down on the chitchat

18/11/2015  It seems that we have known what needs to be done to stop Isis and its accomplices for years. But we have not acted at all, and now they have arrived. They have committed countless massacres in Siria and Iraq, as well as in the Russian flight, in the markets of Beirut and in the city of Paris. And our field of expertise is: presuming to say indisputable truths in newspaper articles.

It is inevitabile, but by all means not less unbearable, that after tragedies like those in Paris, a lot of arguments arise, but are then often proven wrong a few days after, if not hours, and are only useful to mix ideas up. This is where worthless politicians, along with their supporting journals and fools that flood social networks with posts, take advantage of the situation. With the bodies of the dead still warm, the world already knows everything, even if French investigators at the scene of the terrorist attacks still choose not to say a word, given that the only identified terrorist thus far, Omar Ismail Mostefai, aged 29, born and bred in France, has been “recognized” thanks to the imprints taken from one of his fingers, the only part of his body that remained intact after the explosion set off from his kamikaze belt he was wearing.                                                                                                                                                                                                           What is even more unbearable is the “ideological stammer” over those who are found guilty, the measures that need to be taken and the duty to react. Fallaci’s foolish ideas are not renovated at random these days. She is a great supporter of George W. Bush’s wars, which are identified as they really are by Americans: a pile of lies and inefficiencies that have only triggered what are now many of the horrors and terrors present in the Middle East.   Whilst intellectuals “stammer” throughout journals and television reports, nature take its course. We have known everything about Isis and its brutality for years, nothing more is left to discover. Isis is a terrorist movement which exploited the Sirian dictator Bashar al Assad’s repressions to gain power. Isis are armed, financed and organized by the Gulf monarchy (especially from Saudi Arabia) with the smugness of the United States accompanied by the indifference that Europe could be found guilty of.  

When ISIS expanded itself widely enough, its three ‘guarantors’ mentioned above called to order and organised the Saudi-American coalition that, with the use of bombs, set ISIS a few limits: to keep away from Iraq and instead, have the freedom to enter Siria in order to kick Assad out. While all of this took place, requests arose in the Middle East asking to fight and eliminate Assad seriously, even sending troops to the region. There were also numerous pleas made by bishops and Christian patriarchs that called to deal with the likely disappearance of their communities.      Have we done anything about this? No. Did the NATO, in other words, the military alliance that represents the Western world, take action? Yes, but in the opposite direction. It assisted without breathing a single word about the complicity between Erdogan, the Turkish president, and Isis. But NATO was angered when Russia intervened itself in the bombing of Islamic rebels belonging to the Al Nusra Front and other military formations.   Meanwhile, Isis was facing difficulties in the region due to Putin’s actions, and therefore counter-attacked. It highjacked an aeroplane in Sinai with Russian toursits on board, causing 224 deaths (more than those killed in Paris), but we, (who say that the terrorist attacks in Paris are “against humanity”) show little care. Isis claimed that they were responsible for the massacre in the Beirut market in Lebanon, and we showed even less interest. Finally, Isis headed towards France.  

Have we done anything? No. Have we tried to cut any connections between Isis and its “godfathers”? No. Have we tried to wipe out any weapons from the Middle East? No. Instead, we have provided them with more. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are some of the top countries that import weapons sold by five countries that are part of the United Nations Security (security?) Council. These include: USA, France, Great Britain, China and Russia.   Not long ago, the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi  (who, like everyone else, talks about an attack against humanity) was in Saudi Arabia celebrating the gathering of contracts in the country where islam is most conservative, most linked to Isis and most dedicated to sustaining every other conservative form of Islamism in the world. And none of the present “stammerers” have said a word to remind (Renzi and everyone else) that, despite the proverb pecunia non olet, meaning money never smells, money in this case sometimes really does stink.   Because, here is the truth: if we want to eliminate Isis, we very well know what we need to do and who we need to turn to. Instead, let’s ask ourselves: do we really want to eliminate Isis? Is this our priority? Let’s look around us and find an answer. But please, it needs to be honest. Lies and chitchats are no longer tolerated. 

(translation by Carla Ringland Mendez)

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